Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Photo Mug from Shutterfly Review

I recently purchased a photo mug from Shutterfly. I choose the collage design, which I believe required 14 images. You place your images in various spots. You do not control the size of the images.  I recieved my mug within 5 days of placing the order, which I thought was pretty good service. It was packaged in a styrofoam box which protects the mug in transit. The image quality on the mug is excellent. My only complaint is that there is one photo which is out of bounds with the rest of the images. You can see that in the images below.

I decided on the collage because I couldn't determine from the available products how to make a simple white mug with one photograph.

The quality and finish are excellent.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Free Fonts, Layouts, Textures and other Stuff

As I said in my previous post, I like free stuff, especially when it is useful. I have found the fonts and textures which are free on are of high quality. I use them in photoshop for composites made from my photos. You can have a look here. DealJumbo also has some incredible deals on paid for items. Give them a look.

Free Software for Computer and Android

I like free software. Particularly free useful software. That is what I find at Shareware on Sale which can be found here. I suppose you could search the web daily for new, free software, but why bother? Just sign up for the daily list. Download what you want, disregard the other.

I like free software for my phone too. So I signed up for Hungry for Apps available here. This site is run by the same people who do Shareware on Sale. I have picked up some neat free software for my Android devices.

I haven't had any issues with malware from the downloads at these sites. Give them a try.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Homemade 6x17 Panoramic Camera using Fujinon 210 mm Lens

I made a panoramic 6x17 120 film camera from black conservation board from Hobby Lobby. It uses a Fujinon 210 mm Lens/shutter. Here are some photos.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Film Advance Details for Homemade Camera

Here are some details for the film advance for a 6x17 film camera I made. Thought this might give camera builders some ideas. Works pretty good for me.

The length of the tube can be determined from the rest of the camera design. The advance is pulled up by the knob to remove the roller. I use a bit of dowel for the bottom roller guide. Questions and comments are welcome.