Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ICY Dock Black Vortex MB174U3S‑4SB Storage drive cage Issues resolved

I had issues with my drives in the Icy Dock Black Vortes. If I removed a drive and replaced it, I would get a "Drive not accessible" error when I clicked on the drive in explorer. This was very frustrating. I could load a disk partitioning tool and it would see the drive and all the files just fine. Only I couldn't access it in the normal way. The solution was to "Take Ownership" of the drive. There are various ways to do this and Google will supply you with answers. I have not had any issues since I did this for all my external drives used in the Black Vortex.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

ICY Dock Black Vortex MB174U3S‑4SB Storage drive cage Review

I recently purchased a new desktop computer that only had space for 2 HD's. I have a few other drives that I wanted access to. The new computer has highspeed usb3 ports so I was looking for some device to attach my drives through usb3. I decided on the ICY Dock Black Vortex MB174U3S‑4SB storage drive cage.

First of all, it's cool looking. It is well ventilated and has a forced air cooling via a fan on front. It also has cool blue LED lighting. The fan has 3 settings - off, low, and high. The LED's have 3 settings as well - off, some, all. I leave the LED's off, but if you want the cool blue lights, they are there.

The cage has four 3.5inch drive slots. 3.5inch drives are easy to install. A simple handle is screwed onto the drive and it slides into the dock and that's it. If you want to use 2.5inch drives, I suggest you purchase the Icy Dock EZConvert Lite MB882SP-1S-3B device, which will allow a 2.5inch drive to easily fit in the 3.5inch dock.

The power switch is on back of the unit. I presently leave the power on at all times, even if I shut the desktop down. When I power on the desktop, the drives are immediately available.

My unit is presently filled with three 3.5inch drives and one 2.5inch drive. The unit comes with 2 additional handles, so one could have 6 HD's ready for use in the unit. The drives are hot-swappable.

I have not had any issues so far and the unit has performed quite well.

You can find it on Amazon here.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Evernote for Photographers

I have written before how I use Evernote (free version) in my photography to save tutorials, images I like, ideas, etc. The folks at have a good article on using Evernote. It can be found here. Have a look. I find Evernote to be a big help.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Backlighting Existing Photo Prints

If you have a light table, you can use it to produce some interesting effects on existing printed images. The idea is to place your image on the table and photograph the image again - with the back light from the table. The photo print paper I use is thin enough to let some light through. I have used a texture print below the main print for a different look. Also, you can use multiple prints below the main print to block off a particular area on the main print for highlighting. You can come up with some interesting effects using this method.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Image Transfers on Metallic Poster Board

I was looking for something new to do with image transfers. I wanted something to give them a little kick. I think mounting them on metallic poster board did just that. Kicked them up a notch. BAM!

I make my transfers from color laser prints and Mod Podge. 4 or 5 coats.

I also used Mod Podge to attach them to the poster board and also added another coat.

Here are the results.