Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Using Harman Direct Positive Paper - Trials and Tribulations

Harman (Ilford) makes a Direct Positive Paper (DPP) which can be used in place of film in a pinhole or medium format camera. It can also be exposed with an enlarger. Photograms are possible as well.I began my experiment by purchasing some 4x5 sheets fro my BandJ Orbit camera.I loaded the paper in a film-holder. I'm happy to say it fits the film-holder just fine. I loaded the paper in a darkroom with a red safety light.

I proceeded to take some shots outside in partly cloudy conditions. At f22 I used shutter speeds of 1 to 5 minutes. Why the long shutter speeds? Because somewhere and somehow I had confused myself into thinking they were required.

I developed the paper in Dektol paper developer and a fixer. On one or two of the images I could see a faint outline of trees. I had over exposed them all.

So, it's again a time for reflection and hoping I get it right next time.