Saturday, December 15, 2012

Homemade 4x5 Pinhole Camera

I had two main goals when making this pinhole camera: 1) Use a 4x5 film holder and 2) Use my Olympus fitting pinhole adapter. Here are the results.

I haven't used it yet. I plan on using lith film, photo emulsion, regular b&w film, or Ilford direct positive paper sometime soon.

The main box is a wooden box from Hobby Lobby. It was the largest of 3 nested boxes. I think it cost $5. I added the frame for the film holder. I used threaded inserts for the brass screws which hold the Film holder. I don't really like this and would change the design if I build another. I lined the opening with felt (for a light seal) On the bottom side I added a 1/4x20 threaded insert for mounting on a tripod.

The film holder dark slide will be the shutter. I'll post some imagess once I have some.

Update 11 March 2013: I found the screws to hold the film holder quite cumbersome for changing the holder. I decided to try velcro instead. This worked ok but I had movement when removing and inserting the dark slide. I added a stop (1/4" x 1/4") around the 3 sides of the holder. I attached the wooden stop with small brads and glue. Now the film holder is securely held in place and doesn't move when moving the dark slide.

I also had a light leak on the side of the film holder where the lip is. I had felt on the outside of the lip but not the inside. I added it to the inside as well. I really think that the inside felt is all that is needed. No light leaks now.