Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Encrypting files for Google Drive

Google Drive is a wonderful tool. However, it lacks encrypting. So this limits its use somewhat. I use a file zipper to encrypt to add another layer of security for my personal data files that I store on GDrive. Here's the process I follow:

1) Use 7-zip to create a zip file of my file, files, folders, etc. I chose the AES-256 encryption and enter a password.

2) Next upload the file to your GDrive

3) Whenever I access the file from any computer I open with 7-Zip. It requests that a password be entered and then the file (or files) can be extracted. I almost always use the "Extract inside" selection. This way, when I modify the file and save it it will automatically be updated in the zip archive. That's a timesaver and a good reason to use 7-Zip.

I have 7-Zip installed on all of the computers that I might want to view the encrypted data.

You don't have to use 7-Zip, there are other zip routines which have encryption capabilities.

This system works well for me and protects my sensitive data.