Thursday, July 12, 2012

Plant and Animal Keywording in Lightroom

If you are a nature buff, and want to add keywords to the birds, animals, or plants that you photograph, then a good list is required. You can purchase some keyword lists at xxxx. If you want to create your own keyword lists, there are resources on the internet for that. A good source for plant data is the Plant Database hosted by the USDA. You can download the entire list or just a list for your state. For SC, where I live, the list contains almost 13500 items. Wow! I will modify that list by leaving out anything without a common name. If it doesn't have a common name, I'm unlikely to know what it is anyway. I will modify this file in Microsoft Excel. You can probably do this in Google Spreadsheet or Open Office as well. I will filter out the scientific names without common names.