Monday, May 31, 2010

Trouble with Tripod

I have the Giottos MT-9360 tripod. I really like this tripod, but it has one weakness. When you take the center post out and rotate it, it doesn't always lock correctly. It probably would if you were very careful to tighten the bit and double check. I was photographing an object on my table with camera mounted on the center post with it rotated parallel to the table. The center post slipped and banged my camera lens into the table. While the lens still works, it is a bit jerky when focusing now. When rotating the center post, it feels like there are indentations spaced evenly through the travel. When you tighten the mechanism, it is supposed to lock the post in place. If the post is not securely seated in the indentation, it will tighten, but will easily slip. This happened to me. Bummer. The moral is to tighten the center post and check that it is secure before letting go of your camera.

Giottos MT-9360