Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Carrying all that equipment

You've been in photography for awhile. You have accumulated quite a bit of gear. A couple of cameras, several lenses, flash stuff ...It all adds up. So how do you easily transport this stuff? Here is one cheap solution.

I recently needed to pack up my stuff for a photography trip to a state park. I looked at travel cases with wheels, plain plastic cases and mini folding carrying carts. My time and money was low, so I went to the local Walmart to see what they had. I looked first at the 018800R - Stanley® Mobile Work Center . At Walmart, it listed for $22 plus tax. What I like about it is the big wheels and the handle height. I am 6'1" and often the roll around case handles are too low. The Stanley Mobile Work Center handle height worked for me. The big wheels easly roll over small obstructions. The wide stance (17") provides stability. The unit does not twist and wobble when rolling around. There are several cons. It's all plastic. The sliding door on the bottom compartment is flimsy. This unit is not by any stretch ready for airport travel. However, for a ride in the car and back and forth to a hotel room it worked very well. For $22 it was a risk worth taking.

I also considered a wheeled cooler, something like the Coleman Xtreme 50-Quart Cooler on Wheels . This would probably offer more protection. The handle height was a little too low for me. 

Longterm, I hope to get some nice waterproof cases from Pelican  and a wheeled carrying cart like these from Wesco for my gear. But for a quick and dirty (and cheap) travel solution, the Stanley Mobile Work Center or Coleman Xtreme 50-Quart Cooler on wheels will do the job admirably.