Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Some free 3D software I have found

In recent days I have been on a 3d software binge. I have been looking for ways to use 3d software in my image making. While I have not yet created any images using the various software I have found - I thought I would list it here.

Autodesk offers some freebies which are professionally done and work quite nicely. There are forums and tutorials on how to use the software. Here is what I have downloaded and installed:

1) 123D Design - Create 3D printable deigns
2) 123D Catch - Turn Iphone photo into 3D model
3) Meshmixer - Design triangle meshes
4) Memento - Turns photos into 3D objects

All of these are available for PC here.

Emulsion - A photorealistic rendering studio available here.

MeshLab - A mesh processing system available here.

DS Mechanical - a 3D mechanical design package available here.

I am only just beginning to understand the possibilities of using these programs in making images - perhaps I won't use it at all - but learning about the 3D software is incredibly interesting in itself.