Monday, September 8, 2014

Add External Flash to Polaroid EE100

I recently purchased a Polaroid EE100 on Ebay. I wanted to add an external flash rather than using flashcubes. I read on the net where you can use the two pins where the flashcube attaches to trigger an external flash. You have to solder wire to these pins and connect the other end to your flash.

Tools Needed

1) Wire strippers
2) Soldering Iron (with pencil tip)
3) Solder
4) Needle nose pliers

Material Needed *

1) 1 ft flash sync cord (to connect to pc adapter)
2) Hotshoe with pc input **
3) Electronic flash
4) Flash bracket

* get hotshoes and pc cables from
* *Hotshoe may not be necessary if your flash has a pc input

Cut the unused end of of the sync cord. Strip back the insulation. Peel back the wire braid and twirl into a wire. I apply solder to center wire and braid prior to soldering to flashcube contacts.

Scratch the flashcube contacts with a sharp object to clean off any crud or oxidation. Solder the braid of the sync cord to one contact. Solder the other wire to the other contact. You may melt a bit of the plastic around the flashcube contacts, that's why a pencil tip iron should be used.

I covered my soldering job with duct tape. Do not cover the center of the flashcube mount. The center piece must be free to operate.

You can test the flash operation without film installed as long as you have the batteries installed.

Here are a couple of images of the completed assembly.