Friday, November 15, 2013

Using the open source Inkscape Vector tool for Photos

Inkscape is a vector graphics editor. There are some features which I like to use on my photos. I like to use the some filter effects on my photos. I like the "drawing" filter quite a lot. You can find it at Filters-->Image effects-->Drawings. The filter has no adjustments, but I like it just as it is. Better than the PS and other similar filters. Other filters I like are pencil, and blue print. To use the filters, you must import an image into a document. With the image selected, apply the filter. Then you will need to export the image, using the File-->Import tool, and the File-->Export bitmap tool. This is a bit cumbersome, but worth it for me to use the effects.

Inkscape can also generate some interesting textures for compositing images. I have created numerous textures to use as backgrounds in my images. To do this, open a new document. Set up the document to the size you want using File-->Document Properties. Then place a square on the document to cover the whole page using the rectangle tool. Fill this rectangle with whatever color you want. While the rectangle is selected, choose Filters-->Image effects, transparent-->dots transparency. You will get a nice image like the one shown below.

Try using all the filters to create some nice free textures for your use in compositing.