Sunday, November 10, 2013

Engraving Effect for Images

I recently bout a book called PETER MILTON: Complete Prints 1960-1996 full of engravings made by Peter Milton. Wonderful book. I wanted to apply an engraving effect to some of my images. I search on google and found a few tutorials and plugins, but didn't find anything I really liked or could afford. Deeper down in the search results I found a website that does a pretty good job. The website is This website allows you to upload an image an apply the engraving effect. There are a few options. You can choose your background: old paper, white, original image. You can also choose the type of effect: vertical lines, horizontal lines, and dots. Lastly, you can choose the wave length: No waves, Small, Medium, and Big. I really like the effect. Below you can see some images with the settings I used. You can save the image as .jpg file. Some experimentation might be needed on how to process the original image to get the best effect on this site. I even tried reloading an image that had already been processed. It's free - why not give it a try?


Engraving Effect Applied

Engraving Effect Applied - Zoom in

Engraving Effect on Old Paper Background