Saturday, April 27, 2013

Storage/Protection for 4x5 Burke and James Orbit or Similar

I've had my Burke and James Orbit for about a year now. No real way to store it, so it sits around in various places. I have looked at toolboxes as a possibility but with the awkward size of the camera I haven't found one that would work. Yesterday I was in Lowes and saw a canvas tool bag that would almost work. Today I went to Walmart and found a duffel bag with wheels that will work. Below are some pictures. I added some cardboard on each end to give it a little more protection. With the wheel assembly, the bottom is stiff and has good support for the camera. It does have lots of extra space for film holders and other stuff. For now, I am storing my homemade pinhole camera in it as well. This is not a solution for a professional who uses a camera like this day in and day out. Since I don't use my 4x5 that much - I think it will work well.