Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review of Nanguang 5400K LED Video Light Lamp for Camera DV Camcorder Lighting

I purchased 2 Nanguang 5400K LED lights for use with my DSLR from Amazon here. I received them very quickly. They are $20 lights, so I didn't expect much. They lived up to expectation. They are very basic units that are not designed for durability. I had to disassemble one unit to replace the on/off dimmer knob which had come off. Fortunately the tiny screw used was still inside the unit. While I had the unit apart to replace the knob one of the wires broke so I had to resolder it. Crappy build.

Pros: Cheap, good light, accepts AA cells, hot shoe mount
Cons: Cheap build, very fragile - not professional quality at all.

I already had a Sima  led light for my camera. The design and build on it were much better.

Ok for occasional use.