Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Making Images - Thoughts and Ideas

I love digital cameras. I'm ok with a lot of post processing. It's the final image that matters to me. However I achieve that is ok. I love experimenting with different techniques - both digital and analog. I have made cyanotypes and gum prints. My next adventure will involve Liquid Light photo emulsion. My plan is to use the emulsion on watercolor paper and expose using inkjet on transparency negatives and my enlarger. Liquid Light is developed using paper developer and fixer. I have never developed anything in my life, so this will be an exiting adventure.

I have purchased a Burke and James 4x5 Orbit on ebay. I hope to one day develop b&w film sheets from this camera. In the mean time, I have thought of using Liquid Light coated paper positives in the camera. We shall see said the blind man. Note: The B&J All Metal Orbit is very similar to the Calumet All metal 4x5. A manual is available for the Calumet All Metal 4x5 from Mike Butkus.

Yesterday I found that there is a positive paper available from Ilford called Harmon Direct Positive Paper. This provides several more interesting opportunities including pinhole camera photography, photograms, and paper positives in the B&J 4x5. I have to get some of this paper to try.

So much to do and explore.