Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Showing Photos on 7" Android Device

There are numerous sub $100 7" screen Android device out there. Even though I have a Kindle Fire, I wanted  a real Android device so I bought a AGPtek (Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) MID 7" TouchScreen Wi-Fi G-sensor Tablet 4GB Built-In Storage With Expandable Micro SD Card Slot) device which I am quite happy with. I bought it mainly for email, videos, photos, and surfing the web. I wanted an app that would display my images as a slide show and after testing a few I settled on Fish Bowl Photo . You can display the images on your device in a grid fashion. Selecting an image will zoom the image to it max size for the device. They also have a slide show function. What I like about Fish Bowl is that it doesn't rotate the images during the slide show as some other apps do. Therefore you are not rotating the device for portrait or landscape. Sure - you give up some on the size of the displayed image, but it's a lot let arm movement. You can adjust the delay between images. There are no transitional effects, no fluff. Just a simple app that does a good job with your images. 

Update 12 July 2012: There was an app on my 'droid device that I hadn't paid attention to called 2160P which is a photo app which does a good job of displaying photos, slide shows and editing. I think I may like it better than Fish Bowl Photo. However, I could not find it at the Google Play store or on the internet. If you are familiar with it - leave a comment.