Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Using a Remote Connection to Get to Your Main Computer When You Can't

A couple of weeks ago, I tore my Achilles tendon. Since then I have had surgery and have been relegated to the first floor of my home.  At least till I get skilled in using the crutches for going up stairs. My office (man cave as my wife calls it) is upstairs. That's where my computer is set up and most of my photography gear is located.

I do have a netbook which I am typing on now. But most of the apps I need are on my main computer, So yesterday, I started thinking about remote access. I already have a wireless network in place, so it should be easy to connect to the main computer.

I  first tried the remote access built into Windows XP and Windows 7. I have used it at work without a hitch. However, I couldn't get it going. To be honest, I didn't try it for long. I found a free program called Teamviewer that I thought I would try. I downloaded and installed it on my netbook. I had someone else download and install it on my main computer. Then we started it on both computers. The opening screen gives you an ID and password. I entered the ID and password from the upstairs computer into Teamviewer on my netbook. This opens a window with the desktop of the remote computer. Way cool. Now it is extremely small on my netbook but it can be scaled up. But there is my main computer desktop. I now have access to my software and files. I ran LR3 just for fun. I wouldn't trust my netbook screen for photo edits, but for importing photos or perusing the catalog it works great.