Thursday, November 4, 2010

Moo postcards, Walgreens postcards, oh my.

I was so impressed with the moo business cards that I wanted to see what the postcards were like. So I went back to the moo site and set out to order some postcards. The first thing I noticed is that even though I had uploaded 50 images for the business cards, the images did not exist in a common place where I could pick and choose images to make postcards from. Every other photo site that sells photo products that I'm aware of does this. I sent an email to moo support and there is a way to do it, but it isn't easy or intuitive. I find this to be a big issue for moo. Anyway, I finally got my images selected. You are able to have a blank back, or you can add some text. What would be nice is the ability to have an image on back of the card as well - then you could put you info/logo on the back of each card.

I received the cards in about a week, and like the business cards, they are beautiful. Instead of the matte silky finish, you get a glossy finish. It still works well, but I love the silky matte finish of the business cards. Maybe they'll give us that option soon. They are made of heavyweight paper, very substantial.

I also ordered a few postcards from Walgreens. The cards cost about the same. Walgreens cards are printed on a lighter weight stock with a glossy finish. Adequate but not as impressive as the moo cards.