Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting started with an ANSCO SpeedEx 120 Roll Film Camera - Addendum

Here are a few additional things I experienced when cleaning up my ANSCO SpeedEx. 

1) Focus - The focus ring would hardly move. After unscrewing the focus lens, I saw where the grease had solidified over the years making the movement of the lens almost impossible. I cleaned this goo off lighter fuel, making sure I did not get any on my lens. I did not use any addition grease of any sort.

2) Lenses - I cleaned the lenses with lens cleaner and a lens cloth while the lens/shutter assembly was apart. 

3) Covering - The leather-like material covering the camera had come loose in several areas. I used instant glue to glue the covering back down.

4) I suggest getting a good set of jewelers screwdrivers like these - they will last a lot longer than the dollar store variety and make the whole experience more pleasant.