Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting started with an ANSCO SpeedEx 120 Roll Film Camera

I recently purchased a working ANSCO SpeedEx on Ebay. The one I received was in decent physical shape. It appeared to be operational except for the slower shutter speeds. The lens/shutter assembly was made by Prontor. I found a website with instructions on disassembly of the shutter from the camera and cleaning details. You can find the website here. I disassembled the lens/shutter from the camera, removed the lenses, and soaked the whole assembly in lighter fuel (Ronsonol). I immersed the assembly in a small plastic container of lighter fuel and aggitated. I could see dirt and grit in the fuel. I then discarded the dirty fuel and added clean fuel and repeated the operation. Afterwards, I used canned air to dry the shutter assembly, being careful not to subject the assembly to too much force of the compressed air. I tested the shutter. It now appeared to work at all speeds. I reassembled the parts. I didn't mark the focus ring before disassembly, so I had to set the focus ring. I used the instructions here. The camera is now ready to load with film and start shooting.