Monday, May 17, 2010

Finding photos or not

I listened to a top notch wedding photographer on the Lightsource podcast. I am not a wedding photographer (yet). But one thing I got out of the interview was that this photographer woke up everyday expecting to make a good photograph. I think this is a good mantra to have. It suits me, because I have access to the same areas for photography 5 days a week. They are around my house and what I can drive to on my lunch hour. If I didn't expect to make a good photograph every day, I might give up. What more could I get out of the same places over and over.

Not only do I expect to take a great photograph everyday, I expect to see something I haven't seen before every day. And most days I do see something new in the same ol' places. Today as an example, I went back to a spot where there are some wonderful poppies in bloom. Before I got out of the truck, I said I will not take a photograph unless it is different that what I have already taken at this spot. I took a different trail and soon came upon some beautiful Queen Anne's Lace flowers. Then later, as I was wandering through the poppies I saw these hordes of reddish insects all over the ground and some of the plants. Thousands of them. I took some shots of those. 

Hopefully when I review the photos, one or two of them will be decent keepers. The point is I expected to see something different today - and I did. 

Is every visit to the same place like this? No. But with all the diversity is this wonderful world, chances are pretty high that it will be.