Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Inspiration

We had a little snow and ice in South Carolina over the past weekend. I always enjoy the snow, in part because we get so little. It really changes the world. I can't wait to get out with my camera. Here are some tips that helped me.
1) Look for contrasting colors - the white snow background makes colorful objects shine. Think signs, red barns, toys, benches, some bushes and trees.
2) Take photos of things that normally blend into the background. For example, our cat is a brown/black/gray/white long hair that generally blends in to the background. But she photographs very well on the white snow. The plant wintergreen is a another example. It is a small plant with beautiful variegated leaves. Often times it is hard to get a good picture because of the background. The green variegation's  against the snow are just beautiful.
Hope this gives you a few ideas.