Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ownuser Camera External Battery Holder for Olympus E30

I received a Battery Grip for my Oly E30 as a Christmas present :-) from my wonderful wife. This is a good addition for the camera. It can be found at:



1) Battery life - 2 batteries gives exceptional battery life.
2) Portrait shutter button - shooting in the vertical mode is easier with the additional shutter button.
3) Shutter and aperture control in portrait position.
4) Remote cable
5) IR remote


1) Can't use remote cable with recently constructed "L" bracket.
2) No rubber or cork on bottom for friction mounting on tripod. - Seems like this would be standard.
3) A wee bit of wobble in the fit to the camera.

It also came with an external battery pack which can be loaded with "AA" cells as an additional power source. I have not used this feature yet, but with it, you should never run out of power for the camera. The external 9V power connector is a more conventional connector than the one that comes on the E30, so using an external AC power adapter might be easier as well.

I think this is a great deal.

Added 10 Jan 10: I used the external battery pack with 8 rechargeable AA cells today. It worked fine. The cells must be fully charged or you won't get many shots. The cord from the pack to the camera is short, so I stored the pack in my coat pocket. The battery pack give you another power source.