Thursday, December 31, 2009

Home made L Bracket for Olympus E Series

I wanted an L bracket for my camera to use on my Giottos ball head. This makes it easier to change from landscape to portrait and does not limit the mobility of the ball head in either position. I have a Giottos MH-1000 Large Ball Head with Independent Panning Lock with Built-in MH652 Quick Release. I bought several MH652 Quick Release spare plates and made an L bracket as shown.

I began by cutting off about two inches of one side of the L bracket. I used a grinder to dress up the edges. On the plate for the landscape position, I drilled one hole for a screw to attach the plate. I also used some clear epoxy on this plate. On the portrait side, I drilled one hole also, but used 2 screws to attach the plate. I covered the long edge of the L bracket with cork. I had to enlarge the hole in the plate for a 1/4" screw which attaches to the camera. See the pictures for details. I took it out in the field the other day. It works very well.

February 11, 2010 Update:

I have used the "L" bracket for over a month now for portraits and landscapes. I am really happy with it. The ability to switch from portrait to landscape to portrait easily and quickly cannot be underestimated. I often leave the bracket attached even when the camera is off the tripod.