Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Off camera flash cord for Olympus E Series DSLRs.

As mentioned in a another post I use the Manfrotto 233B flash bracket with my E330/E510 cameras. This requires a flash cord. I have two of the Adorama cords discussed below. This cord currently costs $39.95. The Olympus brand, Hot Shoe Flash Cable (FL-CB05), cost $79.95 on the Olympus website.

Adorama's description: These heavy duty TTL cords are designed to fit the Olympus E Series DSLR Cameras that use dedicated flash units. They feature a molded shoe on one end that slides onto the camera hot show and locks to prevent accidental dislodging of the shoe. A second shoe mounts onto a flash bracket or light stand via either a standard foot with lock or a 1/4-20 thread. The top of the shoe accepts the flash unit. A heavy duty 3 foot coiled cord connects the shoes.

This cable works as you would expect. It supports TTL metering for your flash unit. My Metz 48 responds accordingly. The construction of my units have three weaknesses: 1) the coiled cord is very stiff. It does not extend and return to shape easily, 2) The cord pulled out from the plastic housing on the flash end on one unit. While this did not effected functionality, it was worrisome. So much so that I reworked that end by disassembling the unit, and remaking the connections. When reassembling - I added a little super glue to the cord outer sleeve to anchor it to the plastic housing. I assume that the design intent was that the compression of the cord by the housing would hold the cord intact.3) On one unit, the hot shoe connector is very snug and requires a lot of force to mount and dismount the flash.

I do not have any experience with the Olympus FL-CB05, so I cannot make a comparison. The problems above are minimal. Overall, I believe the flash cord is a good buy.

Adorama Off-Camera TTL Coiled Flash Cord (extends to 3') for Olympus DSLR Cameras - Heavy Duty Version, Mfr. Part: RS0448P