Monday, August 17, 2009

A Good Walk, But Poor Planning

I had to drop off some stuff for my son a Clemson today. I decided to take a little photographic excursion since I would have some time afterward. I went to Oconee Station. I hike to Station Cove Falls there. It wasn't a difficult hike, and not that long. The problem is I took two cameras. One had a hand strap. The heaviest one did not.

I sweat a lot. So it wasn't long on this endeavor before I had a good sweat going. My cameras were getting sweating in my hands. Sure wish I had some other way to carry them. Sure wish I had some water. But I'm committed now. So I go on. I reached the falls. They were worth the walk. They were gorgeous. I begin shooting. Sure wish I had something to wipe off the cameras. Wish I had my ND filters. All that stuff is a mile back at the truck.

So I enjoy the scenery. It's a Monday morning. Nobody else is here. Nobody else was on the trail. It had rained the past evening. The mushrooms are popping out all over. They are huge. They are colorful. I rest awhile and then head back. My clothes are drenched with sweat. I am thirsty. I don't have water in the truck. Oh well, I'll make it.

The moral to this story is be prepared. Here's a list of what I plan to do next time.

Things that will be in the truck always:

1) Smaller camera bag
2) Water
3) Towel
4) Change of clothes

Things I will carry on my hikes:

1) ND Filters
2) Towel
3) Water
4) Small Camera Bag
5) One camera with two lenses

I had fun today. The trail and falls were beautiful. The photos could have been better if I had been more prepared. I will reread this entry and remember.