Monday, July 6, 2009

Tone mapping using Dynamic HDR Software

Tone mapping using Dynamic HDR Software - I use this software for
creating my HDR photos. It's not as popular as Photomatix, but at the
time I bought it, the cost was about half as much. I find it functions
reasonably well. I also use it to tone map images that don't start out
as HDR's. I have created a photoshop script which increases the color
bit depth of an image to 32 bits. It then saves the image as a *.hdr
file. I have set up Lightroom to use this script when exporting files.
So creating a hdr file for tone mapping from lightroom proceeds like:

1) Select the image
2) Export the image, using the "Change Color Depth" script.
3) Open the hdr file in Dynamic HDR
4) Perform the tone mapping
5) Save the image as jpg file.

Dynamic HDR has several interesting filters available in the tone
mapping module, such as B&W, Sepia, and other lighting/focus effects. By
using the method above, I am able to use these tone mapping functions on
any image.