Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dropbox Convenience

I have found a new app which is very useful. I have always had a USB thumb drive to store file for carrying between work and home. Well now there is an application that does away with the need for a thumb drive to transfer file. It's called Dropbox The service/application comes with 2 Gb of storage in the basic account. It allows you to upload files from your computer at work and download these files on your home computer. You can also share files. You can also upload photos for backup or sharing. It has its' own photo viewer. So you can upload photos and then send a link via email to a friend who can then use this link to view the photos. Any type of file can be shared. It comes with a desktop app that provides a dropbox icon in your taskbar. By double clicking the icon, the dropbox opens in an explorer window and you can add or delete file.

Dropbox is a good way to sync files between computers. All you need is a dropbox account and browser. Pretty cool stuff.