Monday, September 29, 2014

Dwayne's Photo Review

I sent some 120 film into Dwayne's Photo for developing. I had heard about Dwayne's from the Film Photography Podcast. I sent two rolls in using a bubble type mailer. I filled out the form for B&W developing, weighed my package, and bought postage at USPS. I mailed it in on a Monday. To my surprise, I received my negatives on the following Saturday. Pretty fast service for Dwayne's and the USPS.

One roll was taken in a HolgaPan 120. These negatives turned out as well as expected. The negatives arrived clean, packaged uncut in a sleeve, rolled in a cardboard tube. The only thing missing was the 120 roller, which I asked to be returned.

The second roll was taken in a Lubetel 66. I messed up sequencing these images + I didn't have the setting correct (images too dark) so there's not much to blame Dwayne for on this roll.

Given the quick delivery and good processing of the one roll, I will definitely use Dwayne's again. The price is very reasonable too.