Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Polaroid 660 and Impossible Film

A friend recently gave me a Polaroid 660 instant film camera. The camera is in very good shape. I purchased some Impossible Project film to try it out. I bought the Instant Color Film for Polaroid™ 600-Type Cameras - Triple Pack. It ends up being about $3 a photo. Wow. This should cause one (me) to slow down and think about the photo before pressing the shutter.

Well, I was anxious to try the camera and film. The first shot I took was a handheld selfie. I had read where the film needs to be immediately placed in the dark when it pops out of the camera. In this instance I put it face down on a dark closet shelf for 45 mins. The photo turned out ok for me.

Although the film is expensive, it gives another method of making unique images.