Sunday, June 22, 2014

FOTGA Extension Tube DG for micro 4/3rd camera Review

I purchased the FOTGA 10 and 16 mm set of extension tubes from Amazon recently. I have used these with my 4/3rd 50-200 mm F2.8-F3.5 Telephoto and 4/3rds 50 mm F2.0 lenses. I use these on an Olympus OMD-EM1. These lenses must be used with the 4/3rds to micro 4/3rds adapter which already adds about 26mm of extension to the lenses. For the 50mm F2.0 lens, here is some rough focusing distance values:

50mm F2.0 with 26 mm 4/3rds/micro 4/3rds adapter: Closest focusing distance: 5"
with FOTGA 10 mm extension tube: Closest focusing distance: 4"
with FOTGA 16 mm extension tube: Closest focusing distance: 3.5"
with FOTGA 10 and 16 mm extension tubes: Closest focusing distance: 3"

Again these are rough measurements.

I like the results of the images with the adapters and will post some images at a later date. These are fairly cheap extension tubes but appear to be fairly well made. Having auto focus when using the extension tubes is a plus.

Update: I have used these for a couple of months now. The fit seems a little loose, but there are no problems with light leaks  or functionality. I can still recommend them.