Saturday, August 17, 2013

Walgreens 5x5 Photo Cards Review

Walgreens has added a 5" square photo card to it's selection of photo printing options. The cards are sold starting in groups of 20. They come with 20 envelopes. I recently had the opportunity to get 20 cards for free. Here are my impressions.

1) The quality of print is very good. The photos are printed on card stock.

2) You are able to select from various templates, including a single photo. Templates range from thankyou, birthday, wedding, graduation to one single photo. I chose the single photo with no text for the front.

3) You can add a small photo and text on the back. Cool. You could print your message, address, phone number, etc. on back. My cards look equally good - front and back. On the back, you do get a small "Walgreens" logo centered at the bottom. It is small enough not to be a problem.

4) The envelopes fit the cards and are plain white, fairly thin paper, but sufficient.

I printed one of my photos with my name and address on back. I will use as an advertisement for my photography. Overall I am please with the quality. The delivery took a little over a week using the standard US mail option.

Twenty cards would normally cost approximately $30. This seems a little pricy, but the ability to personalize a card and have it professionally printed may appeal to some at this price.