Saturday, January 26, 2013

More on Wax Paper Inkjet Transfers

Perhaps we should call this type of image transfers "repulsion image transfers". The way it works is that the surface you print on repels the ink (it doesn't get absorbed into the structure of the material). Wax paper is on of many materials you can use for this purpose. What I like about wax paper is that some of the pigment is absorbed in the paper as you use it over and over. So you begin to build a background texture. Of course, if you don't want this you can create new wax paper blanks. If you want the entire image to transfer much like it was printed then use clear plastic "sheet protectors". I place a couple of sheets of paper in the sheet protector to give it some stiffness. What's neat about the plastic sheet protector is that in areas of the image that have lots of black - the ink will pool up and make some interesting effects. These are the two things I have tried so far. I suppose a regular transparency might work ( not one made for inkjet). Just remember you want to print using "inkjet paper" setting. You will get much more ink on the "photo" setting. Here's an image transferred using a sheet protector.