Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aluminyzed Metal Print from AdoramaPix Review

  AdoramPix recently introduced Aluminyzed Metal Prints (link will open in a new window). They had a special 40% off sale so I purchased an 11"x14" image because  I was curious to see how these look. I have purchased the "metal paper" prints before and was very pleased with them.  As luck would have it, my first image package was "lost?" in the mail, even though the USPS claimed it had been delivered. Adorama  promptly sent out a new order. When it arrived I was happily surprised. The image looks great, as if it is in the metal. Viewing from different angles is cool, as different areas are highlighted. The aluminum is about 1/32 thick. It it very sturdy and has a wall hanger and/or desk support attached.
  The quality is excellent and the color is great. The problem is going to be deciding which images will work for this   type of process. I don't think darker images would work as well. It's going to be trial and error I think. Perhaps the best  way to decide is to have the images print on "metal paper" first. If they look good that way, they most surely will look good as an Aluminyzed Metal Print.

Added 3 Jan 2013: The prints are very durable. They can be wiped clean of dust without affecting the image. The print has a built in support that can be used to display the image on a shelf without a frame. I am very pleased with the aluminyzed prints.