Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Storage Cases for Fluorescent Photo Bulbs

How do you store the fluorescent bulbs for photographic lighting? I started by using the boxes they were shipped in, including the Styrofoam protective sleeves. After a while, these wore out so I looked for another solution. I wanted a substantial case - but reasonably priced. I found one at Amazon. It is a  Zeikos ZE-HC36 Medium Hard Case which sells for $40. It has foam inserts with the removable blocks so you can customize the fit. The case was shipped in a fairly thin box with some thin bubble wrap wrapped around it. It has a dent in one place. It doesn't affect the operation so I am not going through the hassle to return it. I was able to make a home for three  85 watt daylight fluorescent bulbs. I haven't field tested this setup yet but I believe it is going to suffice for my needs.

Here is an image of the lights in the case and a closeup of the ding provided by the poorly boxed shipping method.