Saturday, October 15, 2011

Review of

I scanned the web for the cheapest photo to canvas service I could find. It is I ordered two 20"x30" canvases. I received an email that my credit card had been charged almost immediately. It has been two day since then, and I have not heard anything else. I checked my bank account and it had been charged.
The website claims 48hr delivery by FEDEX after the card is charged. It would be nice to get some emails saying we have received your photos, photos have been shipped, etc. I don't like being left in limbo. My canvases were not shipped within 48hrs of my card being charged. I received my canvases 5 business days after the charge.
After ordering the canvases, I thought about the images I uploaded. They were dark. I should have lightened them up some. Probably not a good idea to start out with a company with two big canvases.
When I received the canvases, they came in a 4x4 x 60 box. This caught me by surprise. I thought Iwas getting mounted canvases. I opened the box and had a look at the canvases. I was pleased with the images. They looked very close to the colors on prints I had made.
The company includes some instructions on mounting the canvases. I also looked at a couple of YouTube videos. After putting a frame together - it's really just a matter of stapling the canvas to the frame - while keeping it stretched tight. I didn't find it to difficult to get good re3sults.
Overall I am pleased with the prints. The company didn't meet their stated delivery time. But this wasn't a big deal. They send coarse blunt emails stating your card has been charged and the delivery process has begun. Also, they must be offshore, because I also had a international transfer fee associated with the purchase. It was only $0.90 but I was surprised to see it. I think there is a good chance I will use them again, as their pricing is very competitive.