Wednesday, September 7, 2011

IO Gear Bluetooth Adapter - GBU421 R

I recently purchased a Polaroid POGO photo printer. It prints 2"x3" photos via a camera or Bluetooth. The Bluetooth on my Android phone didn't work. But I wanted to print from my computer anyway. So I bought the IO Gear Bluetooth Adapter #GBU421 R from After loading the driver and installing the device I was able to print to the POGO from my computer. You cannot add the POGO as a printer in Windows 7. However, you can "SEND" the print to Bluetooth which will send the photo to the POGO printer. Pretty cool. I also am able to transfer files from my Android phone back and forth between the computer and phone using the Bluetooth adapter. I have only had the adapter a couple of days but I have had no problem with it so far. It is tiny, so don't drop it.