Friday, February 25, 2011

Olympus E-PL2

I recently received a an Oly E-PL2 camera. This is one of Oly’s PEN series camera, featuring a mirrorless body and micro-four thirds lenses. The camera does not come with a view finder. The 3 inch screen is used to compose the photo. My camera came with the 14-42mm zoom lens. I got the red colored body.

This is a beautiful camera. It is compact and fits my hand. The 14-42mm lens will contract and lock to a small size. When using the lens, it unlocks and extends. I also purchase a micro-four thirds to four thirds adapter to be able to use the camera with my other lenses. More about that later.

The biggest challenge for me is to learn how to take photo’s using the screen for composition and focus. Previous point and shoot cameras which I owned still had a view finder (Fuji S3000 and S5000). The biggest issue so far using the screen is the inability to see the screen in sunlight. I don’t mean direct sunlight, I mean sunlight. And forget the sunglasses. Oly does offer an evf for the camera for around $250.

To make up for my deficiencies, I set the camera to ISO 500 to be sure I have a fast shutter speed. This doesn't help verify the focus, but hopefully the autofocus will do it’s job. And it does reasonably well with the kit lens.

As I said earlier, I bought the adapter for micro-four thirds to four thirds lenses. The four thirds lens I have tried is the 70-300mm f3.5-f5.6 lens. This lens will sometimes focus but it is incredibly slow. I use the S-AF-M mode with this lens. Sometimes I think manual focusing would be faster.

The camera feels solid. The kit lens less so. Very lightweight and has a plastic feel. The lens adapter is also very lightweight and seems to be made of plastic. They both function very well.

I like this camera. The size is perfect. It will take some effort for me to get used to using it.