Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shoot Often?

I have read and heard advice from many photographers and photography teachers: The best way to learn is to practice. Take a lot of photos. Take photos every day. I think this is good advice for a budding photographer, just learning his or her camera and learning the fundamentals of picture taking. But after awhile, it may not be helpful, and in my case I find it detrimental to my growth as a photographer. 

For the last three years I have gone out at lunch to take photos. I have found many interesting things within a 15 mile area of my work. I have visited and revisited many sites and still find interesting photos to take. However, now I feel like I must go out and shoot. I often come back with photos that weren't worth taking. But taken, nonetheless, to have something. I would say that now I am at the point where "Get out and take photos" is of less use. I believe now is the time to be more selective, more contemplative. Perhaps I should go a week or two without taking any photos?

Here are the number of photos in my DAM system for the last few years:

2008    10500
2009      9500
2010      7500 (as of 1 Oct 2010)

You can see that the number of photos taken is less. I should say the number saved. I am more rigorous in weeding out the chaff now than I was in previous years.

My goal is to still take pictures at lunch, but be more selective and involved, and if I have 1 or 2 photos for my time, that will be ok.