Monday, August 9, 2010

Battery for Polaroid 210 Camera

I picked up a Polaroid 210 pack film camera at a flea market this past weekend. The battery was corroded and dead. It is a 3Volt battery with ends like a nine volt batter. The 210 takes a type 532 battery. I found a replacement on for under $10 including shipping. The battery mart part number is: BAT-A24PX. As an alternative, you could connect 2 AAA cells in series to give 3 volts, but you will have to buy battery holders or solder directly to the batteries.
One way to tell if the battery needs replacement or not is to activate the shutter. If you only hear 1 click when the shutter release is pressed, the battery probably needs to be replaced. There should be 2 distinct clicks when the shutter is release.