Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Set Zoom in Olympus E30 Live View

I have trouble seeing to focus my camera. Using live view helps. However, even with live view I would still mis the focus at times. I remember reading about magnifying the image in live view but didn't know how to do it. I fiddled around with the menus, buttons and dials but nothing seemed to magnify the image in live view. Time to read the manual.

After consulting the manual. After looking at the manual, it is really easy to do, albeit not very intuitive. Here are the steps:

1) Select Live View
2) Press the INFO button multiple times until a green square appears in the center of the image.
3) Press the OK button.

Live View should now be magnified. For me it's difficult to use handheld because the image is moving around so much. With practice, it might work allright. With the camera on a tripod, it works great.