Monday, July 5, 2010

Identifying Wildflowers in South Carolina

I enjoy taking pictures of wildflowers in South Carolina. On the way to work, at the state parks, along the roadside; they are everywhere. I use a multitude of books to help identify wildflowers. Here is a list of my favorite.

1) Wildflowers of Tennessee the Ohio Valley and the Southern Appalachians, Compiled by Horn and Cathcart
2) Wildflowers in Color - Eastern and Central North America, By Author Stupka
3) Medicinal Plants of the Southern Appalachians, By Patricia Kyritsi Howell
4) A Guide to the Wildflowers of South Carolina, By Richard Dwight Porcher and Douglass Alan Rayner
5) Weeds of the South, By Charles T. Bryson
6) Forest PLants of the Southeast and Their Wildlife Uses, By James H. Miller and Carl V. Miller
7) Atlantic Coastal Plain Wildflowers, By Gil Nelson

I probably refer to Items 1 and 4 most often. The photos in these two are great and there are lots of flowers. However, the others come in handy, and I have identified flowers from them all.