Sunday, May 9, 2010

Macro using Reverse Mount Lens Adapter

Last week I received a reverse lens mount adapter for my Zuiko 35mm f3.5 macro lens. I tried it right away. The way it works is this: You are able to thread the adapter to the outer filter threads of the macro lens. Then you flip the lens and attach the adapter to the lens mount on the camera. By reversing the lens, you get more magnification. Here's a sample photo of a small spider. I realized right away that a non-moving target is a must.

Also, a tripod will be necessary for the best shots. This spider was shot holding the camera by hand, and it was difficult to control. The DOF is very shallow. Also, it becomes more important to hold the camera lens parallel to the plane on subject that you want in focus. But, it shows a lot of promise. I will be able to get magnification that I was unable to get before. With patience and practice hopefully I will get some decent images. Here are some links at DPReview that deal with the subject. I'm looking forward to working with this setup to get some interesting macro shots.