Monday, May 3, 2010

Focus (Or lack there of)

I am not talking about lens focus. I am talking about mental focus. One of the things I have set as a goal for this year is to work on photography projects. I want to create a series of photographs with a common theme that can be used as a set. Well, it's the beginning of month 5 and so far I haven't even began. The closest thing to a project or series is my flower photos - but I only have two or three of those that I think would work as a series or project. 

Why is this so hard? For me, it's the urge to take photos without a lot of pre-visualization and forethought. I walk around and snap photos of this and that. Some of the photos are good. My technique has improved over the years. But I often end up with a lot of unrelated photos. Even if they are all the same subject, the composition and capture is rarely close enough to constitute a series.

I have set out to try to make a series before. Recently, I thought I would freeze a Japanese magnolia flower and then photograph it as it thawed. Well, it thawed in about 30 secs. I wasn't expecting that. Plus, it was ugly. Consequently, I didn't get a series of photos. 

I need focus and determination. I need a good subject idea.

I know what to do - just do it!

Seems like Scott Bourne at Photofocus had the same idea.

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