Saturday, April 3, 2010

Walgreens Photobook Review

I received a coupon for 75% off of a Walgreens photobook. I saw this as a good opportunity to see the quality of their books. I only had a short time to respond, so the layout isn't the best, but I wasn't testing content. I also have had photobooks made at Blurb, AdoramaPix, and MyPublisher.

Creating the book

Walgreens has a flash book builder. It does not allow loading a pdf of your book. You choose the book style and format, then you insert the picture. The page templates have offer some text options. Page layouts are limited to the available page templates. The book creator has an Auto Fill function, which will load your photos into the book automatically. If the order of the photos is correct, this genneraly works good, for the simplest of books.

Physical book review

I ordered a 8 1/2 x 11 book. I received the book in good time. It was packaged well, in brown cardboard. The book had a picture on the cover,  My initial impression is good. There are no loose edges. The covers are folded and glued well. The pages are thin, not nearly the weight of the AdoramPix photobook; similar to Blurb. The cover makes a lot of noise as you open and close the book, which is distracting. The colors of the photos match closely the colors of the photos I submitted. Please note that at this time I do not calibrate my monitor for color.


Of the 4 photobook publishers I have used, I would rate as follows, with 1 being the best.

1) AdoramaPix
2) MyPublisher
3) Blurb
4) Walgreens

Having said that, Walgreens did produce a very good book. Their pricing is very similar to the others (without coupons) - so I would recommend using a higher rated supplier.