Friday, April 16, 2010

MyPublisher Photobook Review

I received another deal on photobooks. This time it was from MyPublisher. They just added a 8 1/2"x11" photobook with a photo on the cover to their offerings. They had a special for $20, unlimited pages. I had to try it out. 

Making the book

MyPublisher requires you to download and install software to generate your photobook. The software is relatively easy to use. One disadvantage is that there are limited page and photo sizes. You are not allowed to create your own photo size. This is a disappointment, as some photobook applications have this feature. This is important because some photos need more white space than others and you cannot adjust this in MyPublisher. You cannot import a pdf file, you must create your layout within MyPublisher. However, populating the provided templates with images is quite easy. MyPublisher even offers rudimentary photo editing tools, but most of your editing should be done prior to adding to MyPublisher. When the book is finished you can do a preview. I suggest zooming in on photos to check for focus and other details on your photos. One last check doesn't hurt and can help you avoid "Why did I put that out of focus photo in my book?".
When satisfied with the book, you can upload it to MyPublisher through the software. You must have an account ofcourse. Payment is handled through the application as well.

The "Book"

I received my book in about a week. It came in a nice book with the red MyPublisher logo. The book itself was inside a cellophane envelope. The cover image looked good. The book felt sturdy and well made. Corners were tight. MyPublisher adds a translucent first and last page which is very cool. The paper for the photos is heavy and feels wonderful. The colors in my photos were close to what I expected (I do not do color calibration of any sort). I must say I am very pleased with the fit and finish of the book. 

MyPublisher is at the top of my list for personal photobooks.