Friday, October 23, 2009

Chrisotpher Beane - "Flower" Book Review

I purchased this book straightaway after finding it in the "Bargain Books" at my local B&N. The photographs in this book are incredible. I was immediately inspired to take more flower photographs. The colors and textures of the photos are once again - incredible. I have very few specific favorites - they are all favorites. In quality of photographs I compare this book to Snowflakes by Kenneth Libbrecht, where every photograph is interesting in it's own way. There are several series of photos in the book, and I particularly like the B&W photos, along with the color photos using a simple background. This book would have been worth full price, but as a "Bargain Book", it was quite a steal. It can be found here: Flower by Christopher Beane and Anthony F. Janson .