Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The More Information You Have, The Better

Information is good. Specific information on the items in your kit is better. Today, I created a list of my lens specification in excel. Now I have a convenient list of my lenses and specifications. I copied the specs from the lens manufacturer's website. I added weight conversions, as all weights were listed in grams. I still use the Imperial units of lbs and oz. I highlighted the specifications I thought would be most useful. I highlighted each spec with a different color, but used the same colors for each lens. The idea here is that "pink" highlight corresponds to minimum focusing distance for all lenses. Helps the brain make the connection. I printed this out and stuck it in my camera bag. I think I will resize/rearrange the document to make something a little smaller. Then I will print it out and laminate it to give it durability. I can then access this chart when looking for filter sizes, minimum focus distances, etc.