Saturday, August 1, 2009

Manfrotto 233B Flash Bracket

The first flash bracket I had was an "L" shaped piece of plastic with a flash mount. While it did get the flash off the camera, it was flimsy and the camera would twist on the bracket. The unit was so flimsy that the flash would droop noticeably. It did not have a professional feel to it at all. I began looking for a new flash bracket to replace the plastic model. I decided on the Manfrotto 233B telescoping bracket. Manfrotto describes the 233B as follows:

Product Description
This is the ultimate in Camera flash brackets. With a telescopic column this will extend from 30 cm to 45 cm. Perfect for wedding and on location photography. Attachment: type1 + Adapter Art.118; attachment 2: 1/4-Inch screw; color: black; column tube diameter: 19.16mm.; load capacity: 2.20 lbs.; material: aluminum; maximum height: 17.72 in.; minimum height: 11.81 in.; 2 sections; weight: 0.97 lbs.

When I received the unit, I was immediately impressed with the sturdiness and flexibility of the unit. The fit and finish is very tight. The telescoping column works well and there is little play. I use a Metz 48 flash unit with the Olympus remote flash cable which attaches easily to the flash shoe. Attachment to the camera is through the tripod mounting nut. The camera attaches firmly to the unit.

Note the minimum height of 11.81 in. This is probably good for photos but doesn't make a very compact system when just carrying your camera around. Also, changing from landscape to portrait work is a bit cumbersome and will take some time. You are not going to be flipping back from landscape to portrait on the fly with great success.

Overall, for mostly shooting in the landscape position, this is a very good flash bracket. I highly recommend it.